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You might need to bend a few items to create a nailing flange. Bending flashing or sheet metal is easy if you sandwich the metal between the floor and a scrap 2X. Mark a line where you want the bend the flashing and put the 2X on that line. Then pull up on the ends of the sheet metal and press it towards the 2X, creating the bend.

Like recessed lighting toilet vent followers need a sealed box. Get constructing science and vitality efficiency advice, plus special presents, in your inbox.

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Seal off the remaining gaps with Great Stuff Fireblock or high temperature caulk. If you run into giant gaps, cut a chunk of drywall or foam board round it and screw it into the framing. It doesn’t should be good because you end it off with Great Stuff. Looking up at the ceiling beneath your attic ought to allow you to find the holes. Before you go up into the attic, attempt to get acquainted with your home’s structure or simply sketch out a flooring plan map. This helps you retain your bearings as you ascend into the attic. From a safety and well being perspective, any building with combustion supply inside could also be well advised to have a free flowing supply of fresh air coming into the constructing from the outside.

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Are there common tips as to when non fireplace-rated spray foam can be utilized and when fire-rated is required (i.e. around retailers, wire penetrations, etc.)? Also, same query for fire-rated foam vs hearth-rated caulk. I positive do not mind attaching baffles to the roof deck, in addition to the vertical air-wash baffles – I just like to know why, provided there may be already a transparent 2.5 inch airway. And, as mentioned in my comment, I actually have but to order the trusses so I can order whatever heel height I need.My roof pitch will be 4/12. • Because your attic is vented, you should feed a continuing stream of moisture in the direction of the attic vents in order that the vents have something to do. The idea that builders or homeowners ought to encourage moisture to circulate by way of a ceiling meeting has all the time been wrong. As far as I know, most exhaust fan dampers use springs to hold them in a closed place, to limit air circulate in either course when the followers are not operating.

Replace door bottoms and thresholds with ones that have pliable sealing gaskets. Learn how one can proceed to extend the energy effectivity all around the home with these other projects. Keep in thoughts, foam expands to seal up to 1-three inches, depending on the product. Take the attic door off and install a couple of hook and eye locks close to the perimeter marking on the plywood side of the attic door. Cut a number of pieces of froth board insulation the identical size and screw them to the plywood with lengthy four” screws. Cut a few pieces of sheet steel or roof flashing to cover around the opening in the framing and nail it into the framing.