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Wallboard is not very rugged compared to OSB /plywood too- I’ve never seen anyone punch through OSB sheathing while roughhousing, nevertheless it’s pretty common to seek out unintended holes in wallboard in a home stuffed with rowdy kids. Are you saying you build with air barrier airplane at interior face of exterior walls? I prefer exterior aircraft to keep away from exterior air movement within the cavity, that’s my private rationale. The calculation can be made for the payoff of a decrease ACH50 by taking the house volume X ACH Natural X .018 X 24 X HDD if reminiscence serves me. An airtight ceiling is essential, the most important component in constructing an energy environment friendly construction.

You can seal most air leaks with a combination of caulk, weatherstripping, expandable foam spray, and mastic sealant. Also many older styles of structure didn’t have a passive ventilation strategy designed into the attic. RetroGreen energy can set up gable vents and passive roof vents to encourage an attics capacity to exhale any residual warmth or moisture. Although it’s frequent to talk about installing insulation on “the attic floor,” most attics don’t actually have a floor. When you’re within the attic, you’re normally stepping rigorously on prime of the floor joists, trying down on the back side of the drywall ceiling.

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Interior finishes are another reason I like the concept of an interior impermeable vapor barrier. Tile bathe walls, massive mirrors, and kitchen backsplashes are all causes I do not need to depend on interior drying. All of the above will be part of our floor plan on exterior partitions. I’m not involved concerning the number of coats of paint we are going to apply to the walls, but as you level out, who knows what will happen with future homeowners. Hopefully this home is still round for lots of of years after we’re accomplished with it. An interior facet air barrier is way extra likely to turn out to be compromised over time as occupants hold footage, run cabling to their TV, make plumbing adjustments, etc.

Maybe you are constructing a brand new residence with an unconditioned vented attic. The drywall contractors have completed their work, so now you’re ready to insulate the attic ground.