Organic Cleaners

There are many false beliefs about organic cleaners that keep people from making the switch. The following are three facts to combat some of the top false beliefs.

They Are Effective Cleaning Solutions

Many people believe that organic cleaners do not do as good of a job as traditional cleaners, but this is not the case. They typically clean just as well. However, as many traditional cleaners contain bleach, you often see a difference a little quicker. Organic cleaners might need a few extra minutes to soak on the mess you hope to clean, but they are still effective.

They Can Kill Bacteria and Germs

Another belief is that organic cleaners cannot kill bacteria and germs. However, most organic cleaners contain natural ingredients – such as vinegar or acetic acid – that previous generations used to keep their homes germ-free and bacteria-free. 

They Are Safer for Your Health

Traditional cleaners contain many things that are dangerous for your health. Many can give off carcinogens, burn your skin and eyes, and release VOCs into your home’s air. Organic cleaners lack these chemicals, making them safer all around.

While these benefits are available with true organic cleaners, it’s important to note that not all are created equally. Many commercial companies have jumped on the green label, but if you look closely, you’ll still find several harmful chemicals. Be sure to read the ingredients prior to purchase.

Additionally, all true organic cleaners are not necessarily disinfectants. You’ll need to look for those with ingredients like peroxide, acetic acid, or citric acid if you need antibacterial properties.