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If for some reasons you have recessed can lights, you had higher provide you with a plan to deal with them. For extra data on this problem, see Recessed Can Lights. While you’re inspecting the eaves, see if there is some mild coming in by way of the soffit vents. Now lookup on the ridge — you want to ensure that the roofers remembered to put in a ridge vent. Even with comparatively little inboard insulation (R10-R12) there would only be a threat of condensation throughout a handful of days/12 months.

Don’t overlook to build an insulation dam around the perimeter of your attic hatch, using plywood, OSB, or 2x12s . Hopefully, there aren’t any recessed can lights in your ceiling, nor are there any heating or cooling ducts within the attic .

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Air Sealing Your House

Increasing attic insulation is a reasonably complicated DIY project (1-3 days or a full weekend), however is completely doable when you have the proper supplies and data. Sealing around light fixtures and other electrical gadgets can create a hearth hazard.Call an expert to help you add insulation around recessed lighting and attics. Place a bit of coloured tape or one other clear marker in the place of the air leak so you’ll be able to come again to it and seal it when you are prepared. RetroGreen Energy can also completely insulate your ducts with spray foam so the system efficiently strikes the heat out of your furnace to your rooms. It is very common for uninsulated ducts to run through unconditioned areas such because the attic. What happens is the warmth running via these ducts is heating your attic (unhealthy!) and never heating your house . Bathroom Exhaust Fans – you should examine with the producer, but you possibly can generally use spray foam around the opening cut into the ceiling & insulate right over them.

It’s a good suggestion to create a metal dam round your flue to forestall any insulation from getting too close to the pipe. Cut a piece of aluminum flashing to create a metal barrier. If your flue is spherical, cut a half-circle into two items of aluminum flashing and nail or staple them into place. When you are within the attic, all the time put on an OSHA-approved dust mask to avoid inhaling hazardous airborne particulates. Adding attic insulation can be a dangerous job should you’re not cautious. Make sure you examine your work space and supplies before beginning, and that you’ve a proper plan in place.

Expandable Foam Spray – get a number of cans of expandable foam spray to seal larger gaps (1/4 inch to three inches). Silicone or Acrylic Latex Caulk – use the proper of caulk to seal any cracks or gaps smaller than ¼ inch.