The Way To Install Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

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Moving out from the nook, place all the hooks of the cabinets onto the lower lip of the base rail. Make positive the legs are on the cupboard earlier than mounting it on the rail.

The legs assist safe it and are very troublesome to placed on when the cabinet is already installed. As with the upper cabinets, merely position the hooks in the back of the cupboard into the rail. Check their alignment and then tighten the screws.

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Make sure you start with the upper cupboards, since they will be more durable to put in if the bottom cupboards are put in already. Find the dimensions of your cupboards on the box or handbook, or measure your assembled cabinets with measuring tape.

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Make positive you’re noting which cupboards might want to have holes for utilities connections. You’ll want to place these cupboards over the connections you marked earlier. If you need to have extra cupboards with holes, you’ll have the ability to saw openings later.

Once you’re certain all the cabinets are in the right place and aligned properly, tighten the mounting screws that are in the back of the cupboard. You can reach these screws by way of the front opening of the cabinet. Check your cupboard meeting information if you can’t discover them or want additional information.