The Way To Seal Air Leaks In Attic

Air Sealing Is One Of The Most Important Options Of An Energy

Especially with the tip extensions and getting in these tight spots. Attics are like a superhighway for undesirable air and pests. Keep your home comfy and critter-free by air-sealing attic hatch doorways, which can be actual air leakers between a bedroom ceiling and the attic.

Stuffed Bags Seal Joist Areas Too

Blocking the air from leaking through the attic door is one of the most important issues you can do. Non-IC rated lights build up a lot of heat and aren’t rated for direct contact with insulation.

air sealing attic

Before you start your project, you’ll need to make a tough sketch of your ground plan you could take into the attic with you. This will serve as a map to assist orient you when you get into the attic, and a spot to note air leaks as you detect them. Install foam gaskets behind outlet and change plates on partitions. I have been an insulation installer for 13 years, and this gun is nice!

Your attic door or drop down attic stairs are a significant supply of air leakage. It’s by far the most important hole in your ceiling and it is most likely costing you a fortune.